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Teka - Home appliances


At Teka we adapt our appliances to your lifestyle
We wanted to facilitate your decisions and to encompass those models which suit your personality and cooking style best. Discover our ranges: EASY, for those who want a much-giving, low demanding appliance. TOTAL, for those who need a truly versatile machine MAESTRO, for those who fancy going one step beyond.
90 years learning together

90 years learning together

Years have passed, almost 100, since we started growing up by your side trying our best to be something more than a household appliance company for you. We always wanted to be a part of your life and your home. We always wanted to share your most special kitchen moments; while cooking, chatting, singing… as part of the family. Today, we keep on being as passionate and excited as the very first day, driven by the inspiring task of manufacturing the best products for you. Because we still want to be part of your daily life alongside your beloved ones, sharing your most special moments… to be always by your side…

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